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“Clockwork Angel” by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel, written by Cassandra Clare, is the first book in “The Infernal Devices” series. Set in London in the Victorian era, this book is a thrilling, supernatural adventure with demons, vampires, and other dark creatures.

It is a captivating story of adventure, love, and friendship, as the characters undertake life-threatening missions and come up against the sinister forces of evil.


The action-packed plot of Clockwork Angel follows the story of Tessa Gray, a young girl in search of her brother.

On her journey, Tessa’s life dramatically changes when she discovers that she is a Downworlder, gifted with magical powers that make her a formidable weapon against evil.

She soon finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old war between the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders.

Joining forces with two strong-willed members of the Shadowhunter race, the group fight against vampires, demons, and other evil creatures in a thrilling quest to protect London from the darkness that threatens to consume it.


The characters in Clockwork Angel are charming and likeable, from the brave and bold heroines Tessa and Charlotte to the daring and dashing heroes Will and Jem.

Each character has a unique personality, which makes them easy to empathize with and bond with, as we follow their adventures and their evolution over the course of the story.

The dynamic between the characters is complex and intense, as they struggle to save Tessa and confront their own inner demons.

Writing Style

Cassandra Clare’s writing in Clockwork Angel is evocative and immersive. The book is well-paced, introducing readers to a riveting world filled with excitement and enchanting creatures.

Cassandra Clare’s expertise in creating interesting and lifelike characters makes the characters come alive and carries the narrative forward.

The setting and atmosphere of Victorian London is vividly depicted, bringing to life a thrilling adventure and suspenseful atmosphere.


Clockwork Angel is a captivating and thrilling novel filled with action, love, and adventure. Cassandra Clare’s writing style is engaging, detailed and versatile, making for a truly enjoyable and captivating read.

The characters are charming and the setting and atmosphere is vividly depicted. All in all, a highly recommended read.

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