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“Eleanor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park is a young adult novel by Rainbow Rowell that tells an unforgettable story of two outcasts finding love and acceptance in each other.

Set in the mid-1980s in Omaha, Nebraska, Eleanor & Park is a coming-of-age story about two teens from very different backgrounds who, despite their differences, come together in a powerful and touching love story.


The story follows Eleanor and Park, two misfits who come from drastically different backgrounds. Eleanor is an outsider with a troubled home life, while Park is a popular student in a loving family.

Despite their differences, the two connect over their shared love of music and comics, and eventually, a romance blossoms. The story follows their relationship through the ups and downs they face, and the struggles they must overcome to stay together.


Eleanor is an outsider and an outcast, who is struggling to fit in to her new school. She is a strong-willed and tenacious young woman, who is determined to make the best of her life despite her tough home life and the bullying she encounters at school.

Park is a popular, but kind and compassionate, boy who is struggling to find himself. He is the son of immigrants who is trying to balance his desire to fit in and his desire to stay true to himself.


Eleanor & Park is a story about belonging and finding acceptance. It examines the struggles of Eleanor and Park, as they come from different backgrounds and have very different experiences, yet are able to find understanding and acceptance in each other. T

he novel also deals with the themes of bullying, choosing to stand up for yourself, and the power of love.

Writing Style

Rainbow Rowell’s writing style is unique and captivating. Her dialogue is witty and natural, capturing the awkwardness of teenage life and creating an easy connection between the reader and characters.

She also uses a powerful sense of imagery to capture the emotions of the characters, and to bring the story to life.


Eleanor & Park is a powerful and touching story about two misfits finding love and acceptance in each other. It is a beautiful and captivating love story that will leave readers wanting more.

Rainbow Rowell’s writing style is captivating, creating an easy connection between the reader and characters. Highly recommended for fans of young adult fiction.

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