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“Evermore” by Alyson Noel

Evermore, written by Alyson Noel, is a thrilling story of mystery, adventure, and heartache.

It follows the story of Ever Bloom, a teenage girl who discovers she has supernatural powers and is thrust into a world of dangerous secrets, unexpected surprises, and epic battles.

Evermore is an alluring tale that will keep readers guessing until the very end.


Evermore tells the story of Ever Bloom, a teenage girl with the ability to touch objects, people, and memories, and see the past, present, and future.

When Ever goes to visit her Aunt Skye in California, she discovers a seemingly supernatural world of Shadowlands, renegade immortals, and powerful enemies.

Along the way, Ever meets Damen, a mysterious, immortal being with a troubled past, who teaches her the ways of his world.

With the help of Damen and her newfound powers, Ever must confront enemies, protect her loved ones, and find her place in the world of Evermore.


The main character of Evermore is Ever Bloom, a spirited and determined teenage girl dealing with the sudden death of her family. She is constantly struggling to find her place not only in the world of Evermore but also in her life.

Damen is an immortal being and Ever’s teacher, protector, and eventual love interest. He is the key to unlocking and understanding Evermore, but also an enigma in his own right.

The supporting cast is also well defined and interesting, from Ever’s new friends Haven and Riley, to her mysterious Aunt Skye and her powerful enemies.


Evermore is a story of loss, love, hope, and identity. Ever’s journey is one of self-discovery, in which she finds her courage and strength through her newfound powers of sight and healing.

It also touches on the themes of friendship and loyalty, as Ever must rely on her friends and Damen for support.


Overall, Evermore is an imaginative and captivating story. Alyson Noel delivers a thrilling plot full of suspense and surprises, along with complex and likeable characters, making it an enjoyable read for any fantasy fan.

With exciting plot twists and powerful themes, Evermore is an book readers are sure to remember.

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