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“How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer

How We Decide, by Jonah Lehrer, is an insightful and timely look into the complex world of decision-making.

Lehrer examines different theories and models of decision-making, giving readers an accessible way to explore the science behind the brain’s decision-making process.

Throughout the book, Lehrer offers practical advice on how to make better decisions in both your personal and professional lives.


In How We Decide, Lehrer dives into the intricate world of decision-making, examining and contrasting different theories and models in an effort to formulate a comprehensive approach to improving decision-making.

With engaging storytelling, Lehrer draws readers in and captivates them with examples from neuroscience and decision theory.

Lehrer addresses topics such as how our emotions affect our decisions, the impact of experience, how to make better decisions, and more. He shows readers how decision-making works in the real world and gives practical advice on how to make better decisions.

He also makes a case for sound decision-making, arguing that making decisions with the right tools, strategies, and an understanding of the process can help us be more effective and successful.


Lehrer’s writing is clear and accessible, making the complex concepts of decision-making easy to understand.

He breaks down the science behind the process into bite-sized information, so it is not overwhelming. He also provides case studies and illustrations that bring his points to life.


How We Decide is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in exploring the science behind decision-making.

Lehrer’s writing style makes the complex material accessible, and his practical advice can help readers make better decisions in both their personal and professional lives.

Whether you are looking for an introduction to decision-making or a refresher on the subject, this book is a must-read.

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