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“How We Fight For Our Lives” by Saeed Jones

Saeed Jones’s How We Fight For Our Lives is a powerful and beautiful memoir that lays bare the inner workings of one man’s life as he navigates his way through adolescence, college, and beyond.

Written in vivid and heartbreaking prose, the book chronicles Jones’s journey as he attempts to find his place in the world while contending with the trauma of his past.

This is an unforgettable work that demonstrates Jones’s undeniable skill as a writer and further cements his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in literary circles.

Plot Summary

How We Fight For Our Lives follows Saeed Jones on a heart-wrenching journey through his memories, recounting the struggles he has faced growing up black, gay, and poor in America.

From a tumultuous childhood spent dealing with an alcoholic father to his fight for acceptance at college, Jones reflects on all of the ways he has had to fight for survival.

He recounts experiences of racism, homophobia, assault, toxic relationships, and other struggles along the way while ultimately coming out stronger on the other side.

Writing Style

Saeed Jones writes with both vulnerability and strength in How We Fight For Our Lives. His lyrical prose captures both pain and hope as he reflects on past events from his life. His writing style is incredibly evocative; each scene comes alive in vivid detail making it impossible for readers not to be drawn into his story.

He also uses metaphor throughout the book to illustrate how he has been able to learn from painful experiences in order to grow and eventually thrive against all odds.

Final Thoughts

How We Fight For Our Lives is an incredibly moving memoir that captures Saeed Jones’s struggle for identity and acceptance in a society that often denies him both of these things due to racism and homophobia.

Every page of this book is saturated with emotion; it will leave readers feeling deeply inspired by Jones’s courage, resilience, and determination not only to survive but also live–to fight for every moment of joy even when circumstances are bleakest. In short: don’t miss this one!


Saeed Jones’s How We Fight For Our Lives is an extraordinary work of literature that deserves all the praise it receives–and much more! The book offers readers an intimate glimpse into a life full of struggle yet also brimming with triumphs large and small.

It is sure to leave you feeling hopeful about our collective ability to overcome adversity no matter how daunting it may seem at first glance. An essential read!

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