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“Killing Commendatore” by Haruki Murakami

Killing Commendatore is a novel by Japanese author, Haruki Murakami. It is a captivating story of a middle-aged portrait painter who discovers a mysterious painting in the attic of his new home.

The novel follows the painter, Komiya, on his surreal journey as he investigates the painting, its origins, and the strange events that unfold around it.


Komiya is a lonely, middle-aged portrait painter who moves to a mountain village in Japan to take refuge from his failing marriage and career. One day, he discovers a mysterious painting in the attic of his new home.

This painting, titled Killing Commendatore, is the work of a famous artist and hints at a hidden past. As Komiya investigates the painting and its secrets, he is drawn into a surreal and dangerous journey.

He meets strange people, discovers mysterious powers, and is forced to confront his own fears and insecurities.

Character Development

The characters in Killing Commendatore are incredibly well-developed. Komiya is a complex protagonist – he is a flawed and vulnerable character who is struggling to find his place in the world.

The other characters in the story are also interesting and unique. They are all distinct and have their own motivations and secrets.

Style and Tone

Murakami’s writing style is both captivating and dreamlike. His prose is beautifully crafted and evokes a feeling of surrealism and mystery. The tone of the novel is melancholic and reflective, yet also humorous and lighthearted at times.


Killing Commendatore is an enchanting and captivating novel. It is a story of self-discovery and exploration, filled with surreal moments and mysterious characters.

Murakami’s writing is exquisite and the character development is outstanding. This is a must-read for fans of Murakami and those looking for an engaging, thought-provoking story.

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