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“Legend” by Marie Lu

June ‘Day’ Iparis is a criminal in Los Angeles, California. In the future, the United States is divided into two nations, the Republic of America and the Colonies of America.

When June is caught stealing in the Republic, she is given an ultimatum—join the military or go to jail. Knowing she has to enlist, June is determined to make a good go of it, and is soon partnered with the mysterious prodigy, Day, to work covert operations.

The two of them must uncover a shocking conspiracy that will turn their world upside down.


The story follows June Iparis and Day in their mission to uncover the truth of the Republic. The novel is full of an ever-building suspense as the two characters try to outmaneuver both their government and a powerful criminal network.

It explores the topics of political oppression, injustice, and a fight for freedom. The characters are well developed, and the story draws readers in to the lives of June and Day and their mission to uncover the secrets of the Republic.


June Iparis and Day are both complex, interesting characters. June is driven and determined to fight the oppression of the Republic and to uncover the truth while Day is clever and calculating, and he often finds himself caught in difficult situations.

These characters, as well as the supporting cast, are written realistically and readers will be able to relate to each one.


The majority of the novel takes place in the Republic of America, where June and Day must battle an oppressive government and powerful criminal networks.

Through the different locations and settings, readers will get a strong sense of the atmosphere and feel for what life is like in the Republic.


The writing in the novel is vivid and descriptive. Author Marie Lu is able to bring the the world of the Republic to life.

The story moves quickly, with the action and suspense building up to the climactic conclusion.


Overall, “Legend” is an exciting, fast-paced novel packed with political intrigue, suspense, and adventure. Marie Lu’s novel is full of layered characters and settings, and the writing is vivid and descriptive.

It is a must-read for anyone looking for an exhilarating story about political oppression and the struggle for freedom.

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