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“Living Dead Girl” by Elizabeth Scott

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott is a powerful and haunting story about a young girl’s struggle to reclaim her life and identity in the wake of being abducted as a child.

Told through a unique and compelling narrative, this book offers an intimate look at the trauma suffered by a victim of abduction and its lifelong implications.

Plot Overview

The novel follows the story of a young girl, known as “Alice,” who is abducted by a pedophile when she was only ten years old. For six years, Alice is held captive and experiences extreme physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her captor.

Despite the years of living in such horrible conditions, she remains strong and finds solace in her own imagination and memories of her past. As her captor becomes increasingly abusive and dangerous, Alice must fight for her own survival in order to escape and reclaim her life.


The protagonist of the story is Alice, a lively, intelligent, and curious ten-year-old girl who is abducted and abused by her captor for six years.

Despite being subjected to emotional and physical torture, Alice is resilient and determined to endure and survive her ordeal.

The antagonist of the novel is the unnamed and unseen captor, whose identity is never revealed. He is a cruel and controlling man, and his crimes against Alice are unbearable and monstrous.


Scott’s writing style is both lyrical and compelling. Her prose is vivid, as she paints a vivid picture of Alice’s torment and struggles.

The narrative is written in an intimate and accessible style, offering insight into Alice’s perspective and thoughts in a way that draws the reader in and encourages one to stay with her.

The language is simple yet powerful, allowing the reader to access Alice’s horror in all its complexity.


Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott is a deeply moving and powerful novel that provides an intimate look into the life of a victim of abduction and abuse.

It is an emotionally devastating book that deals with difficult subject matter but provides a source of hope and strength for all readers.

With a vivid and lyrical narrative and a compelling cast of characters, Living Dead Girl is a book that should not be missed.

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