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“Marked” by P.C. Cast

In her novel “Marked”, P.C. Cast places readers in a world of secrets, danger, and a forbidden love. Set in a mystical version of the modern world, “Marked” follows Zack, a valkyrie-in-training, and her unlikely love interest, Chase.

Throughout the novel, Zack must find a balance between her love and her destiny as a valkyrie, while battling supernatural forces that threaten to tear the two of them apart.


In “Marked”, Zack is a changed woman from the person she was before. After a life-altering battle with supernatural forces, Zack must face the unknown danger that continues to haunt her and the consequences of her fight.

Along with her newfound destiny as a valkyrie-in-training, Zack must also deal with her growing feelings for Chase, a mysterious warrior with a dark secret.

Together, they fight against their enemies and the forbidden attraction they feel.

With many new discoveries and hidden truths revealed in “Marked”, the two must make tough decisions that could shape the future of not only their relationship but the supernatural world as a whole.


One of the strengths of “Marked” is its cast of characters. With many of the key characters being female, the novel highlights powerful women who are confident and brave.

At the center of “Marked” is Zack, an independent teen, who is determined and open-minded despite her difficult past. Chase is the male love interest and counterpart to Zack, and he is an enigmatic yet strong character.

Other characters such as Dana and Darlene help balance out the story with their unique perspectives and personalities.


Throughout “Marked”, the reader is presented with themes of strength, independence, love, and heroism. The characters must learn to accept their fate and make difficult decisions in order to protect themselves and each other.

Even in the face of danger, Zack and Chase’s love only grows stronger, and they must find a way to fight against the odds to save themselves and everyone around them.


P.C. Cast’s “Marked” is a thrilling and romantic adventure that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. With strong characters and a captivating plot, “Marked” has something for everyone.

Through themes of courage, love, and destiny, “Marked” is an exciting journey that will keep readers turning the pages.

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