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“Normal People” Sally Rooney

Normal People, written by Sally Rooney, is a captivating and emotionally charged novel that follows the lives of two Irish teenagers, Marianne and Connell, throughout their formative years. Set against the backdrop of the economic collapse in Ireland, this novel explores themes of love and loss as Marianne and Connell develop a complex relationship that carries them through life’s struggles.


Normal People begins with Marianne and Connell’s first meeting during their last year of high school in rural County Sligo. Despite coming from different worlds – Connell is the popular son of a single mother who works as a cleaner for Marianne’s wealthy family – they quickly connect.

As they navigate their way through adulthood, they come to understand what it means to be truly vulnerable with one another.

Writing Style & Structure

Sally Rooney has crafted an impressive narrative that shifts between past and present as it dives into the complexities of relationships and reveals how people grow through experiences both good and bad.

Her writing style is simple yet eloquent as she captures her characters in detail with her meticulous descriptions. She also uses the dialogue to reveal subtle nuances about their relationship which adds to the story’s emotional depth.

Themes & Ideas

Sally Rooney explores several ideas within Normal People including power dynamics between individuals in relationships, class differences amongst people, and gender roles within society.

Additionally, she conveys how people change over time through her examination of each character’s growth, as well as how conversations can often be more meaningful than physical contact between two people.


In conclusion, Normal People is an engrossing novel that captures the essence of human connection on multiple levels – be it romantic or platonic – while exploring themes that are relevant to today’s society. A must-read for any fiction enthusiast!

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