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“Permanent Record” by Edward Snowden

In 2013, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the US government’s mass surveillance program, revealing to the public the extent of their digital reach.

In his new book, Permanent Record, Snowden dives deeper into the history and implications of these revelations while also providing a personal narrative of his life.

Through this book, Snowden takes readers through a journey that ranges from CIA offices to Moscow apartments in an effort to provide a comprehensive look into the events of his past.


Permanent Record is split into four parts — before, during, after, and forever — that chronicle Snowden’s life from childhood in Maryland to his current refuge in Moscow. The first part focuses on how he developed an interest in technology and computers and how he became a spy for the CIA.

The second part covers his time working with Dell and then at the NSA, up until he revealed classified documents and exposed government secrets.

The third part looks at his life following these events as he was labeled as a “traitor” by many people in power and had to seek asylum in Russia.

Finally, the fourth part focuses on what has happened since then as well as what could happen in the future if measures are not taken to end mass surveillance.


Permanent Record is an eye-opening read that provides readers with an intimate look at one of the most important stories of our time. Through detailed anecdotes and personal reflections from Snowden himself, readers are able to gain insight into why he made certain decisions as well as gain understanding about how our digital lives are being tracked by corporations and governments alike.

What is especially unique about this book is that it isn’t just about one man’s story; it is about all of us who have been impacted by surveillance technologies both now and in years to come.


Overall, Permanent Record is an essential read for anyone interested in learning more about government surveillance programs or Edward Snowden himself.

It offers a unique perspective on a highly controversial topic while also providing personal insight into one man’s story of courage against injustice.

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