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“Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” by Carlo Rovelli

With his book, “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics”, Carlo Rovelli brings the complexity and beauty of modern physics to the everyday reader’s understanding.

Rovelli, an Italian theoretical physicist and one of the founders of the loop quantum gravity theory, pinpoints and simplifies the essential elements of seven main topics within the field of physics.

He is able to tell us, in a masterful and eloquent way, the interrelatedness of the concepts of space, time, gravity, atoms and particles, and the openness of nature, leaving the reader with a deeper understanding of how the universe works.


Anchoring the book is Rovelli’s breezy and accessible tone, which allows readers to embark on a journey filled with simple explanation and suggestive imagery.

Rovelli knows how to cut through the complex language of mathematics and to focus on the basic concepts and breathtakingly simple but profound conclusions.

He entices readers to discover how the universe works through simple events and everyday life experiences.


The book is divided into seven brief chapters, each presenting one concept. These chapters are concise yet complete, allowing readers to easily grasp the fundamentals without being overwhelmed.

The basic premises of the seven topics are explained in an easy-to-follow way, tailored so that readers need not have prior knowledge in physics to comprehend the ideas presented.


Rovelli uses an intriguing blend of classical poeticism and modern scientific terminology. His ability to capture the essence of a concept and make it engaging and entertaining proves to be quite effective.

With every chapter comes a new story that conveys the real-life sensations of being an observer of the universe.


Carlo Rovelli’s “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” has been an incredible invitation to explore the fascinating field of physics.

Through beautiful descriptions and simple metaphors, Rovelli has been able to explain complex concepts and fundamental theories in a way that even non-experts can understand and appreciate.

A great read for both those new to physics, and those looking to deepen their understanding of the universe.

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