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“Spinning Silver” by Naomi Novik

Spinning Silver, written by Naomi Novik, is a captivating fantasy novel set in a world of magical realism. This novel follows the story of Miryem, a young woman who is determined to take back her family’s honor and restore their fortune through her clever wit and determination.

Along her journey, Miryem discovers her own magical powers and is faced with difficult choices that will determine the fate of her family and her entire world.


Spinning Silver tells the story of Miryem, the daughter of a Jewish moneylender who lives in a small village. Miryem’s father is too kindhearted and ends up losing all of their money, leaving her and her family destitute.

In order to restore her family’s fortune, Miryem takes over her father’s business and starts collecting debts from the villagers. She is so successful that she soon catches the attention of a powerful Staryk king, who demands that she exchange her silver for his own magic gold.

Miryem is then forced to set out on a journey that will take her all the way to the Staryk king’s palace, where she must use her courage and wit to avert disaster and save her family.


Miryem is the main protagonist of the novel. She is a strong-willed young woman who is determined to restore her family’s fortune. She is brave and clever, but also kindhearted, which often puts her in difficult situations. She is also a powerful mage, capable of wielding magic to her advantage.

The Staryk king is the main antagonist. He is a powerful and mysterious figure who is determined to reclaim his gold from Miryem. He is cruel and ruthless, but also has a deep understanding of magic, which he uses to manipulate those around him.


The main themes of the novel are courage, determination, and family. Miryem’s courage and determination are what drive her throughout the story and help her overcome the obstacles she faces.

Family is also an important theme, as Miryem’s love for her family is what motivates her to take action and restore their fortune.

Writing Style

Novik’s writing style is captivating and vivid. She creates a world that is both magical and realistic, and her descriptions of the characters and settings make the story come alive. The pacing of the novel is also well-done, with the action building up to a thrilling climax.


Overall, Spinning Silver is a captivating and thrilling fantasy novel. The characters are well-developed and the story is engaging. Novik’s writing style is captivating and brings the world to life. Fans of fantasy will definitely enjoy this novel.

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