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“The Lost Man” by Jane Harper

The Lost Man is a novel by Australian author Jane Harper that follows two brothers, Nathan and Bub, as they search for their missing brother, Cameron.

It is a suspenseful and emotionally charged story that delves into the complex relationships between family members and addresses some of the questions surrounding death in remote parts of Australia.

Plot Summary

The Lost Man tells the story of Nathan Bright, who returns to his family’s cattle station outside of Kiewarra to attend his brother Cameron’s funeral. Nathan’s other brother, Bub, is also there.

Both brothers are convinced that something sinister has befallen Cameron but they have no idea what it could be. Nathan and Bub set out on a search for answers that leads them deep into the secrets of their family’s past and reveals long-buried tensions between them.

As Nathan and Bub uncover more clues about Cameron’s disappearance, they come closer to finding out what happened to him and confronting their own dark secrets.

Writing Style

The Lost Man is written in an engaging and gripping style with vivid descriptions of the Australian Outback setting. Harper creates tension from the start with her captivating prose and suspenseful pacing.

There is also a great deal of depth to her characters which makes them feel incredibly real and believable. The dialogue between characters is believable as well, reflecting a naturalistic sense of speech without sounding overly stylized or artificial.

Character Development

The character development in The Lost Man is excellent. All three brothers are distinct characters with different personalities but they all share a common bond which makes them interesting to read about.

Each character has their own flaws, fears, motivations, and desires which are explored in great detail throughout the course of the novel. This allows readers to connect more deeply with the characters as their stories unfold throughout the book’s narrative arc.


Overall, The Lost Man by Jane Harper is an engrossing novel that delves deep into family relationships while addressing questions about death in remote parts of Australia.

With its vivid descriptions of setting, engaging writing style, and excellent character development; this novel promises to keep readers hooked from start to finish as they follow along on this thrilling journey with Nathan and Bub as they search for answers about their missing brother Cameron.

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