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“The Luxe” by Anna Godbersen

The Luxe is a captivating and romantic historical fiction novel written by Anna Godbersen. Set in the late 19th century, the novel follows the lives of four wealthy New York heiresses and their families.

It’s a story of love, rivalry and ambition, as these characters navigate their way through the glamorous Gilded Age society of turn-of-the-century Manhattan.


The Luxe is a story of four young women in their late teens who are all from different backgrounds, but share the same fate of being born as wealthy heiresses in the opulent world of New York City.

Elizabeth Holland, the eldest of the four, is the daughter of a well-respected socialite, and is engaged to be married to the charming but disinterested Henry Schoonmaker.

Penelope Hayes is the daughter of a wealthy railroad tycoon and is determined to marry for love, despite her family’s wishes. Diana Holland is Elizabeth’s younger sister, a rebellious and free-spirited beauty who has caught the eye of the wealthy and powerful William Van Der Woodsen.

Finally, there’s Lina Broud, a poor but ambitious young woman who has been hired by Elizabeth’s family as a lady’s maid.

As their lives become intertwined, the four characters find themselves struggling to make their own way in a world of opulence and power.


The Luxe is a character-driven story, and the characters are all unique and well-developed.

Elizabeth is a strong-willed and determined woman who is determined to do what’s best for her family, even if it means sacrificing her own desires. Diana is a vibrant and rebellious young woman who is determined to live life on her own terms.

Penelope is a bold and independent young woman who is determined to marry for love, despite her family’s wishes. Lina is a poor but ambitious young woman who is determined to make a better life for herself.

All of the characters are complex and likable, and their stories are engaging and entertaining.


The Luxe is written in a lush and descriptive style that transports readers to the world of the Gilded Age.

The novel is full of vivid descriptions of the characters and their surroundings, as well as period-accurate dialogue that brings the world of 19th-century Manhattan to life.

Anna Godbersen’s writing is lyrical and engaging, and she does a wonderful job of creating a vivid and immersive reading experience.


The Luxe is an engrossing and entertaining historical fiction novel that will transport readers to the glamour and romance of 19th-century New York.

Anna Godbersen’s lush and descriptive writing style brings the characters and their world to life, making for a captivating and engaging reading experience.

If you’re looking for a romantic and captivating story set in the Gilded Age, The Luxe is the perfect choice.

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