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“The Shape of Water” by Daniel Kraus

The Shape of Water is a captivating fantasy novel by author Daniel Kraus. Set in a small town in the American Midwest called Millwood, this imaginative tale follows a young boy who discovers a deep and mysterious secret.

Along the way, he must face off against a powerful force, fix a broken family, and bravely confront his own fears.

Plot Summary

The Shape of Water follows the story of 12-year-old Eliza, who lives in the small town of Millwood. Eliza’s life is turned upside down when she discovers a mysterious creature living in a nearby lake.

As Eliza and her friends start to unravel the creature’s origins, they realize it is connected to a powerful force that threatens to destroy the town. In order to save Millwood, Eliza must confront her deepest fears and find a way to bring her broken family back together.


The primary characters in The Shape of Water are Eliza, her brother Simon, and their parents. Eliza is a brave, determined girl who is determined to save her town. Simon is her younger brother who helps her on her quest.

Eliza’s parents have had a tumultuous marriage and struggle to get along. Other characters include Eliza’s friends, the mysterious creature, and the evil force that threatens Millwood.

Writing Style

Daniel Kraus’ writing style is both imaginative and captivating. Kraus’ vivid descriptions bring Eliza’s world to life. The story is full of suspense and intrigue, which keeps the reader hooked from the very first page.


The Shape of Water by Daniel Kraus is an exciting and imaginative fantasy novel. With vivid descriptions, a captivating plot, and memorable characters, this story is sure to keep readers of all ages engaged and entertained.

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